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Gymnast Safety 

        When dealing with the public, especially people's children, SAFETY must be
the most important concern when setting up a top quality gymnastics program.
With LaFleur's, "Your child's safety is number one!" Like most reputable, well
established gymnastic clubs, LaFleur's Gymnastics in Largo follows the rules,
policies, and safety guidelines set up by "USA Gymnastics", the governing body of
all gymnastics in the United States. We would like to assure you that our entire
staff is very well trained with regard to proper safety procedures necessary to
ensure a safe atmosphere for your child's activities while at our gym.
Although the possibility exists for children to get hurt in any physical activity,
including gymnastics, we believe we provide the safest environment possible for
your child. Not only do we plan for a safe experience, through well thought out
lesson plans, but our entire gym was built with the utmost safety of the child in

        The first thing you may notice when stepping into our gym is that every
square foot of floor space is covered with a one and one-half inch thick padding of
carpet bonded foam much like stunt cheerleaders use at National competitions.
This is not "the norm" for our industry, but something we wanted to do for the
safety of our customers, without regard to the high cost involved. Also in our gym,
you'll see the latest in safety landing mats under and around our equipment, as
well as in-ground trampolines, and 6' deep safety pits, full of foam, with
trampolines in the bottom, for an even safer, softer feel. We not only provide a
huge inventory of Olympic name-brand equipment for girls and boys, but also a full
array of safer, scaled-down equipment, for all our younger, smaller, gymnasts.
Whether it's the beginner Tot or the most advanced Team child, we
constantly strive to create the safest atmosphere possible for all our gymnasts.

Mike and Melody LaFleur

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